Google for Nonprofits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After working with over 60 nonprofits applying to Google for Nonprofits, I noticed some questions come up in nearly every conversation. I've put together this post of frequently asked questions about Google for Nonprofits to give you a quick reference with short, but meaningful answers.

What is Google for Nonprofits?

Google for Nonprofits is a free program run by Google, of course, which gives eligible nonprofits access to premium Google software. For a more in-depth answer, I suggest reading this post, which describes each aspect of the program in detail.

How much does Google for Nonprofits cost?

The pricing for Google for Nonprofits is $0. Free. Google for Nonprofits is free. Forever, and always. In fact, they actually give you money in the form of $10,000/mo to spend on AdWords. You simply need to fill out an application and be deemed eligible.

Am I eligible for Google for Nonprofits?

For a quick answer, you can check your eligibility with this cool spreadsheet:

Google for Nonprofits eligibility checklist spreadsheet

Check your Eligibility

This free spreadsheet will tell you if your nonprofit is eligible for Google for Nonprofits.

The long answer is that there are are 3 conditions you must pass to be eligible for Google for Nonprofits. First, Google for Nonprofits must be available in your country. See the countries here. Second, your organization must not be a government program, educational institution, or an organization that requires HIPAA compliance. Third, you must be registered with the appropriate governing body as a nonprofit organization. In the US, this means 501c3 status—even for tax-exempt organizations like churches. Other 501c designations are not eligible.

How do I apply to Google for Nonprofits?

Read this post for step-by-step application instructions.

Why was I rejected from Google for Nonprofits?

That's almost impossible to say without knowing your particular situation. Review all the eligibility guidelines to see if there's anything you missed. Otherwise, email me at and I will happily help you.

What's the user limit? Is it really unlimited?

Yes, Google for Nonprofits really does give you unlimited G Suite accounts with 30GB of storage, each. Read this post for more information.

Can you expand G Suite storage to more than 30GB?

Yes, you can expand an individual user's storage. Go to your Drive Storage page, here, to increase to 100GB for $1.99/month or 1TB for $9.99/month.

Google doesn't allow nonprofit accounts to increase organization-wide storage via the admin panel, like you can with regular G Suite (read more here). I don't know why; their billing systems are probably incapable of handling it.

Does Google for Nonprofits come with Google Vault?

No, unfortunately you must purchase vault at an additional $5 per user per month. There have been some rumors that Vault will be coming to Google for Nonprofits for free, but at this point it is still a paid program.

What if I already have G Suite? Can I transfer it?

Then you are one step ahead! It is absolutely possible to transfer your regular G Suite account to G Suite for Nonprofits. You will simply designate that you already have an account during the application process. Read the full application process here.

What if I already have AdWords? Can I transfer it?

No. You can still maintain that AdWords account, but you will need to open a separate one to receive Google Ad Grants. This is the only way Google can enforce the restrictions it imposes on Google Ad Grants accounts.

How do I upgrade to the $40,000 Ad Grantspro?

Unfortunately, Google discounted the Ad Grantspro program because of a lack of eligible nonprofits. It required you to fully max-out your $10,000 a month before you were able to apply. Organizations that were accepted into Grantspro have been bumped back down to $10,000.