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2 - 3pm EST
Wednesday, May 30th, 2018
Recording will be available to all registrants

Increase your online donations by 37% or more

Getting more people to donate online can sometimes seem more like voodoo than science: Your ED says to add more links. Blogs say to run intricate A/B tests for button colors. You just want the thing to friggin' work on mobile!

What strategies actually work? And better yet, which ones will yield the biggest return for your effort?

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In this webinar, we'll answer those questions by reviewing 5 easy wins all nonprofits should do to increase donations online.

These are 5-minute tweaks we'll show you how to do yourself—no more waiting for the webmaster to make 1 stupid change.

We'll also spend 20 minutes reviewing your websites to give personalized suggestions. Check the box if you'd like your website reviewed.



Jason Jensen, speaker for 5 easy ways to increase online donations in 5 minutes

Jason Jensen is a nonprofit marketing consultant with 6 years of experience, and founder of The Digital Nonprofit. Certified by Hubspot, Google, and, he uses a data-driven approach to maximize nonprofits' marketing dollars.