Fast, friendly, and did exactly what I needed on my site for a reasonable price.
— Sara W.K., Co-Director of Creature Kind
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Intelligent, industrious, very knowledgeable, accessible and easy to work with.
— Suyin K., Executive Director of Mother Foundation
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What Does Data-Driven Mean?

The Digital Nonprofit Methodology

It means at the end of the day, we let the numbers, not our hunches, define the course of action. It all comes down to a simple process: Build>Measure>Learn.

First, we hypothesize what might work best, and set out to build it.

Then, we measure its results to see what worked, and what didn’t.

Finally, we learn from the data, then rinse and repeat, equipped with new knowledge.

Being data-driven saves time and money, and reduces stress. But most of all, it means more growth, and less waste.

The Digital Nonprofit has been an valuable colleague for the past year and a half. It was their marketing efforts alone that have generated considerable views, press and awareness. They are an excellent consultant and highly knowledgeable about nonprofits and marketing in the digital age.
— Divya P., Director of Code Therapy and Contenders
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