The Digital Nonprofit is a full-service marketing company, meaning that we can accomplish everything from earned media to complete website redesigns. There are endless ways we could package our services to meet your unique projects, but below are the 3 most common.
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Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy services make sure you're spending your nonprofit's limited resources in the most efficient manner. We’ll will meet with you regularly to create a wishlist of marketing improvements, identify the best opportunities for growth, and evaluate past performance.

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Growth Driven Web Design

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a data-driven approach to building a website that eliminates the risks in “traditional” design. While traditional design involves huge projects that inevitably run over budget, out of time, and might not perform any better than the old site, GDD uses the build>measure>learn cycle to quickly build a website that is validated by real user feedback, and serves as a constantly evolving communications and fundraising platform.


Google Ad Grants Management

If you've read The Digital Nonprofit blog, you know that Google gives nonprofits $10,000 a month to use on their Adwords platform, which can generate up to 5,000 new visitors a month! But Google also requires you actively manage your Adwords account to remain eligible. We can ensure your account meets the requirements, manage your Adwords campaigns, and send you regular updates on the virtually-free website traffic you're receiving.


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