Terms of Service

This page is designed to outline in simple terms:

  1. What you can expect from us, The Digital Nonprofit (TDN)

  2. What we expect of you, the Client

  3. Procedures for onboarding, cancellation, and other edge cases

Before submitting your first payment, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to these terms, so please make sure you’re familiar with them.

What to Expect From Us



Marketing Management / Kanban Campaigns

Marketing Management subscriptions include the following deliverables:

  • Monthly strategy meetings

  • Weekly status updates

  • Access to a customized task management platform

  • Pay-as-you-go billing

  • Discounted Task Hour rate

Task hours can be used for anything and everything. Our proposal to you will likely detail more specific tactics and campaigns, and an estimate of how many points it will take to accomplish them. We'll decide how to allocate your points in each monthly strategy call, but we can make any desired changes on the fly.

Ad Grants Management

The Ad Grants Management subscriptions include the following deliverables:


Maximum Effect
$999 USD per month

  • Guaranteed Ad Grants application

  • Set-up by a certified Google Ads professional

  • Live-updated analytics dashboard

  • Monthly status meetings

  • 20 Task hours

Faster Growth
$499 USD per month

  • Guaranteed Ad Grants application

  • Set-up by a certified Google Ads professional

  • Live-updated analytics dashboard

  • Monthly strategy meetings

  • 8 Task hours

Solid Starter
$299 USD per month

  • Guaranteed Ad Grants application

  • Set-up by a certified Google Ads professional

  • Live-updated analytics dashboard

  • Monthly strategy meetings

  • 4 Task hours


Task hours can be used for everything from regular maintenance to landing page creation. We'll decide how to allocate them in each monthly strategy call, but may make changes on the fly based on the maintenance & optimizations your account needs most.



The Digital Nonprofit cannot guarantee performance or results. We do our best to present a range of likely outcomes to accurately set client expectations.

We can guarantee to always give our best effort, operate in good faith and work for the best interests of the client.

In the event that poor performance or other adverse event results from our mistake, we will do everything necessary to remedy the situation at no additional cost to the client.

Ad Grants Management

The Digital Nonprofit will do their best to pre-screen Ad Grants applicants to avoid rejection by Google; currently, 100% of our applicants have been accepted by Google. However, The Digital Nonprofit is not able to guarantee that Google will accept anyone, approve anyone in a timely matter, or withhold suspension from an account. The Digital Nonprofit cannot be held liable for a rejected application or suspended account.

In the event of a rejected application, the Client will be refunded completely so long as the rejection was received within 30 days of starting Ad Grants Management.

If the rejection comes later than 30 days into Ad Grants Management with The Digital Nonprofit, the Client will be refunded 1 month’s worth of management fees.

The typical timeline is as follows:

Day 1: Client subscribes to Ad Grants Management

Day 3: Intake meeting

Day 5: Campaign submitted to client for review, Google for Nonprofits application started

Day 10: Client approves campaign, Google for Nonprofits application approved. Ad Grants application started

Day 15: Ad Grants application approved, campaign goes live.

Note for International Nonprofits: Google requires all nonprofits to be registered with their country’s TechSoup affiliate. If the Client is not already registered, TechSoup application will be added to the process, and extend the time til the campaign goes live by up to 12 days.

What we Expect from You



In general, we operate like a subscription service—fees are auto-billed to the client’s credit/debit card, or auto-debited from a bank account via ACH. This reduces overhead and frees up our time to serve you.

At client request, we may issue an invoice instead, given the following conditions:

  • The client agrees to a 3 month contract, at a minimum

  • The invoice total is greater than $1,000

  • The invoice is paid in full before any work begins

Marketing Management / Kanban Campaigns

The base fee of $99 USD per month must be pre-paid before any work can begin.

All work will be post-paid, at a 20% discount to the current Task Hour rate. Approved work is automatically added to the next month’s invoice.

For invoice billing,

Ad Grants Management

Payment will be processed before any work can begin.

Automatic payment will continue each month until cancelled, even if:

  • The account is still in the approval process by Google

  • The account is suspended

  • The client reschedules, cancels, or does not attend the monthly meetings

  • The client does not request any additional work

In the event of lapsed payment, all campaigns will be paused in order to prevent suspension by Google, and all work will stop. Work will begin again once the account is made current.

If additional task hours are needed, they may be purchased a la carte at the current hourly rate.

Standard Procedures

Account Ownership & Access


The Digital Nonprofit requires ongoing admin access to certain accounts in order to fulfill our services. In general, the client will maintain ownership of their relevant accounts, and add TDN as collaborators.

The client is responsible for adding TDN to the account with the proper permissions, and possibly installing tracking codes on their web properties. TDN cannot be held responsible for delays on the client side.

Ad Grants Management

If one does not already exist, The Digital Nonprofit will create a Google for Nonprofits and Google Ads account for the client. These accounts will be transferred to the client once enrolled. From then on, the client will own and have full administrator access to their Google for Nonprofit account and Google Ads account.

The Digital Nonprofit may also require access to the client’s Google Analytics, Content Management System (like Squarespace or Wordpress) and/or Domain hosting account.

Cancellation & Refunds


The client may cancel at any time, without any penalties or additional fees. Any outstanding fees must be paid before cancellation. All work will stop immediately upon cancellation.

In general, refunds will not be processed for work already completed or in progress, and no fees will be pro-rated.

See the Enrollment Guarantees section for refunds because of ineligibility in Ad Grants.

Edge Cases


If the client becomes unresponsive, stops attending monthly meetings, or postpones the monthly strategy meeting past 7 days into the subscription month, The Digital Nonprofit will allocate and spend the client’s task hours as necessary until communication is re-established.

Any other edge cases will be discussed and resolved between the client and The Digital Nonprofit, along with help from a third party arbiter if necessary.